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"Witchcraft has not a pedigree, 'Tis early as our breath." Emily Dickinson

Poet & Priestess Community

Welcome to Poet & Priestess Community

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  Meter, Magic, Craft, and Rhythm

Poet & Priestess Community brings together women poets, feminists, and spiritual seekers to practice poetry, scansion, and magical living, so we can help each other to thrive, love, and create in more joyful and powerful ways.

       —Annie Finch
           Poet, Writer, Founder of Poet & Priestess

Poet & Priestess is . . .

  • A learning space where those who value poems, rhythm, scansion, and/or magic intermingle with the students from Annie Finch's workshops, classes & retreats in poetry and/or spirituality
  • A womxn-only space, open to all who identify as women or non-binary
  • A passionate space where liberation, creativity, diversity, and truth are paramount and the First Law of Witchcraft is honored: “if it harms none, do as you will”
  • A Kind, re-membering space where truthful, challenging conversations safely hark to the Second Law of Witchcraft: “always assume the other person is doing their best”
  • A magical space where the Powers and Crafts of ritual patterns are well-comed, where Grammar dis-covers our Glamour, where craft, skill, and attention root, and Webs of wise new Ways spin stronger 

Poets &/or priestesses who Heed this call are warmly invited to weave your voice and vision into our cannily cunning, rhythmically inspired, wildly wise community!

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